House Training Older Puppy

Families usually tend to choose a puppy that is recently separated from the litter. As this puppy is just weaned from his mother, he is in the best position to be puppy trained and get used to into a new home. The bonding between the pet and his human family happens sooner, which makes training easier.


Some pet owners might love a puppy that is a bit older. That perfect training time has already passed, but your lovable new puppy was simply meant to become a part of your family. Young dogs who are four months, six months or even 11 months old are still considered as puppies. 

There are some important things that every pet owner needs to consider when adopting and training an older pup. Keep in mind that older puppies like to be a touch calmer and less energetic than younger puppies.

These older puppies might be simpler than young puppies because they may already be socialized and trained in a few areas. Your puppy may already be used to different people, children and other pets. Any of these circumstances will save you time and effort if you have decided to adopt an older puppy.

However, it is very important to have plenty of time and patience to effectively train your puppy. You should avoid getting an older puppy that has been abused neglected, or has special needs.

Some puppies are put up for adoption because these dogs are extremely difficult to train or live with. These dogs may have increased stress and anxiety, fear, and a lack of enthusiasm to warm up to people, or absolute aggression.

When adopting a new puppy, you should bring your entire family to make certain the puppy is friendly with everyone and is not harboring aggression towards people or other pets.